Mega Amp 20X Moose Call



  • EASY TO USE – The Mega Amp 20X Moose call is designed to be a super loud handheld directional predator call for Moose hunting. Comes with an LED call indicator light for low light hunting conditions.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN – The ergonomic “spotlight” grip allows you to point the call in the direction you want the sound to project. The easy one hand call control, thumb wheel on/off volume control and trigger broadcast.
  • SOUND QUALITY – Authentic animal and expert call recordings combined with digital sound quality makes it a “take anywhere” call. The simple design focuses on projecting sound for close game encounters.
  • AUTHENTIC CALLS – The 20 calls are various calls needed for predator hunting: Grunt, Aggressive, Walking Brush, Walking Water, Rattling Antlers, Raking Brush, Raking Tree, Gluck, Young Bull, Cow Long Moan, Estrus, Urinating, Cow Moan, Distress, Estrus Whine, Cow Grunt, Non-Estrus, Agitated, Mating Call, Hyper Estrus.
  • TRUSTED NAME – Cass Creek has 20 years of manufacturing reliable calls and the first to create digital quality handheld game calls.

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The Cass Creek Mega Amp 20x Moose Call is the loudest (120+ decibel) handheld directional game call we’ve ever made. Twice as loud as our previous version. Easily fits in your hand like a megaphone, with the simple to use controls you will be calling in moose in no time. Don’t be fooled by the price, the Mega Amp Moose will give you the hunting edge without breaking the bank. The weather-resistant call is perfect for the experienced and novice moose hunters. The new Cass Creek hunter brown finish blends into the surroundings so you don’t stand out. The call uses 4 AA standard batteries for hours of use without having to recharge when you have no electricity at camp. Comes with a handy belt clip to hold on your side while you line up the shot.

Be ready when you’re using the Mega Amp! Our speakers are designed to carry sounds over 200 yards, through all conditions, which means that when you using our handheld calls game will be ‘locking on’ to the direction of the call. The Mega Amp projects the game calls in the direction you point it in and draws them in close.



Each of the 20 calls are the essential calls every hunter needs to bring moose in closer:

  1. Grunt – Bull grunts. 2. Aggressive – Dominant male. 3. Walking Brush – Walking through undercover. 4. Walking Water – Walking in water. 5. Rattling Antlers – Two bulls sparring. 6. Raking Bush – Antlers raking the brush. 7. Raking Tree – Antlers raking a tree. 8. Gluck – Series of glucks. 9. Young Bull – Young bull sounds. 10. Cow Long Moan – Lonely female. 11. Estrus – Cow in estrus. 12. Urinating – Urinating in water. 13. Cow Moan – Female calling out. 14. Distress – Moose in trouble. 15. Estrus Whine – Lonesome whine. 16. Cow Grunt – Adult female grunts. 17. Non-Estrus – Female pre-estrus. 18. Agitated – Nervous adult. 19. Mating Call – Female calling out. 20. Hyper Estrus – Receptive female.