Ergo Electronic Duck Call


Included Sounds:

  • Highball Greeting – A loud series of notes used to communicate at a distance.
  • Lonesome Hen – Used by a separated female to locate other ducks.
  • Laydown Call – A confidence call used as ducks come into land, talk to others already down.
  • Feeding Call – A low volume call of contentment among ducks in a feeding zone.
  • Comeback Call – A series of drawn out notes attempting to pull back a departing duck or flock.

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Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Duck Call

The Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Duck Call is a lightweight and compact call that gives you five realistic duck sounds in the palm of your hand. Including, Overlap/interrupt technology, which allows you to instantly change calls without having to wait for the calls to finish.

  • EASY TO USE – The Cass Creek Ergo Duck Call (CC003) is designed to be pocket size, easy to use, and simple to carry during your hunt. Bring game in close with the 5 essential calls.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN – The ergonomic design fits in the palm of your hand, allows one hand use, easy thumb dial allows for on/off sound adjustment, and an instant interrupt that stops the call.
  • SOUND QUALITY – Authentic animal recordings combined with digital sound quality makes it a “take anywhere” call. The simple design focuses on projecting sound for close game encounters.
  • COMPACT – Fits perfect in the palm of your hand and packs anywhere you need it. A glove compartment as well as a pocket. Also, a lanyard loop to hang for anywhere access.
  • AUTHENTIC CALLS – The 5 calls are the basic needs of hunting this species: Highball Greeting, Lonesome Hen, Laydown Call, Feeding Call, and Comeback Call.
  • TRUSTED NAME – Cass Creek has 20 years of manufacturing reliable calls and the first to create digital quality handheld game calls.

In addition, the Cass Creek Electronic Duck call comes with a convenient belt clip and has a natural bark camouflage finish.

Operates on 3 AAA batteries (Not included).

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