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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQ answers are meant to help those of you using the Cass Creek Predator mobile app. If you can’t find your answer here and still need to resolve a problem, just email and our customer service representatives will be glad to help you.

If you found your way here and you don’t have the Cass Creek Predator mobile app, just follow the links below to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download it today!

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We have tried to offer a number of different choices for subscribers so that it best fits your needs.
We offer the following different programs:


Annual – $ 9.99
Monthly – $ 1.99


The subscription will automatically renew each month/year, based on what you chose and you can cancel it at any time.

We decided to make the app free to download and to give away certain animal calls free so that people could make an educated decision about whether they wanted to purchase the app or not (as stated in the app description on Google Play or iTunes).


The reason for this is because there are many apps out there that you immediately regret purchasing as soon as you open them and found them useless or poorly designed, and we didn’t want anyone regretting purchasing Cass Creek®.


High quality game call sounds are expensive, so unfortunately the app cannot be 100% free. Our calls have been mastered and tweaked to be the best on any app and all that costs money. Since we have no ads except links to iHunt® speakers, we have to charge something reasonable.


Once you purchase a subscription to the app, you get all 200+ calls unlocked for as long as we can support your software version and you can also put the app on other devices using the same Google Play or iTunes account.


Personally, we feel this is a great value since pricing just one hunting call normally costs more than this entire app and you are getting 200+ high quality predator calls with the app. However, the decision to purchase the app is yours to make!


We try to make the app available to you as long as you have a device with the supported software. An issue we run into sometimes is that phone manufacturers make changes that make it impossible to support really old versions. We apologize for that but have to support the most current versions. If you upgrade to a new version of software, your purchase will be restored

When you are hunting something other than predators the Cass Creek® app is still a great caller. You can use those sounds to hone your mouth call skills or play games with your friends – “guess the animal”.

Open the app and there should be a blue Unlock button at the top of the main screen that will take you to the “Unlock” screen. On that unlock screen, click either the Restore or the Buy button. The Restore button will unlock any previous purchase for free (as long as you are using the Google Play or iTunes login information that you used to buy the app).


The Buy button will also unlock any previous purchase for free and it will pop up a message saying, confirm purchase for $ and click OK, then it will say, “You have already purchased this application. Would you like to download it again now for free?” and then click the OK button and it will unlock the app again free of charge.

First, make sure you are using the same Google Play or iTunes account that you originally purchased the app with when you are hitting the Restore button. If you are using a different Google Play or iTunes account now, you will need to open the Play Store or App Store app, go to the Featured tab, scroll all the way down and sign out of your current account before logging in with your original account. Then you can download and restore/unlock the app again using the correct Google Play or iTunes account info.


Important Note: You MUST download the app using the same Google or Apple ID that you try and restore the app with, otherwise Google or Apple will show an error. If you did not do this, please delete the app from your device and download it again.


Once you are logged into the correct account, follow the instructions for restoring a prior purchase.

Please exit the app completely and restart it when you’re sure the internet connection is stable. Sometimes the Google Play or iTunes App store becomes unavailable so the best thing to do is just try again later.


To exit the app completely:

  1. Double tap on the Home button to display the recently accessed applications.
  2. Press and hold any of the icons shown on the bar until the icons on it start to wiggle.
  3. Navigate to the app that you want to quit and tap the red circled minus button to instantly close the app and remove its icon on the bar.

You can e-mail at any time (please be detailed!) and we will respond to you as soon as possible (normally within 1 business day or less).

It’s our policy not to include any endangered species, or those that are close to being endangered, within the app. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding.

What you’re asking for is really variable and dependent upon what and where you’re hunting, the time of year, the experiences of that particular animal, and what calls it has heard, what the gender of the animal is, etc. Our point being that it’s based more on experience and experimentation with the calls. A call that works on one coyote might scare off a different one.


Your best bet is to do your homework so you understand each species you will be hunting, what calls they expect to hear and use amongst each other, and also understand what their response to the types of calls will be. For example, a coyote can respond very strongly to a call and come charging at the call very quickly or they can come in very carefully and circle around you. If you’re not prepared, you will be in for quite a shock.

That feature is not available since we cannot give away the hunting calls for competitive reasons (i.e. other app developers could steal the calls and use them in their apps). We apologize for this inconvenience!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer the app from one operating system to another.

For most features you can access instructions by tapping on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page.

The volume is controlled using the up/down volume controls on your phone.

Yes! All you have to do is tap on the gear icon after you open a photo that you want to share.

No. All the calls are resident on your phone so you do not need a cell connection or GPS or WiFi no matter how remote the area that you hunt.

Yes, use our slide to hide feature by swiping sideways on the animal or call you want to hide and then confirm. If you want to restore hidden animals or calls, you can do so from the settings by pressing the cog in the top right of the screen.

We designed the app so you can create an unlimited number of favorites, either single sounds or lengthy playlists. Use the Playlist feature to place your favorite sounds in one convenient location. Change them as often as you like.

We suggest turning off your phone’s notifications prior to going into the field so they do not ring through the speaker. You can put the phone in airplane mode.


We usually set the sleep mode to the maximum for our phone prior to going into the field. We also tend to make longer playlists and this will keep the phone awake for a longer stand.

We recommend hooking the app up to an iHunt® remote speaker system to increase your volume and put some distance between you and the speaker so you can play the wind to hide your scent and location.


Here are a couple of options for you:

iHunt® speakers are optimized to work with the Cass Creek® app. The speakers come in three sizes, the Ultimate, Hand Held Caller, and the XSB for whatever needs you have. They have an extended range of fifty yards, more than any other blue tooth speaker, and have plenty of power. They are weather resistant and are reasonably priced. Go to to learn more and purchase your speaker today.


The iHunt® Predator Decoy not only has speakers that are optimized to work with the iHunt® app, but it has a decoy tail that is

    controlled from your phone

as well. It has the same 50-yard extended range as the iHunt® speakers, more than any other blue tooth speaker, and plenty of power. It is weather resistant and reasonably priced. Go to to learn more and purchase your remote decoy today.

The decoy controls will only be present when your phone is connected to the iHunt® Predator Decoy via Bluetooth. The controls remain hidden when not connected to the decoy so they do not interfere with the normal playlist view. You only see the decoy controls in the playlist view. There are three decoy controls; on/off, steady/random and a speed bar. Once the decoy is turned on it will continue to operate until you tap the off button. You can leave the playlist page once the decoy is turned on to search and play sounds not saved in a playlist but you must return to the playlist page to turn off the decoy.

To locate the decoy controls, tap on Hunting Calls than tap on any animal category, then tap on the Gear icon in the upper right corner to show or hide the decoy controls.


If you tap on Start Decoy control when out of blue tooth range of the decoy a tone will play on your phones speaker. To stop the tone simply tap on Start Decoy a second time or move back into range of the decoy.

There are three components to the handheld caller; the speaker, the gasket and the connector ring. First attach the gasket to the connector ring by stretching the gasket two small diamond cut outs over the connector ring cut outs. Place the connector ring into the back of the speaker with the gasket facing away from the speaker with the notches of the ring 45 degrees away from the speaker spring clasps. Stretch the four corners of the gasket around the corners of your phone with the speaker facing away from your phone screen.

Many factors can affect the distance the Bluetooth radio signal will travel between a phone or tablet to the iHunt® speaker. Just moving the speaker a few inches or holding the phone at a different angle can greatly improve the operation of the product.


Longest distances will be obtained when you have a clear line of sight view between the phone and the iHunt® speaker. Large rocks, hills, buildings, power lines, radio towers, trees and water can all block or deflect the radio waves and reduce the distance. Wet bushes or trees from rain, snow or heavy dew may also block the signal. Particularly try to avoid positioning the speaker or the phone directly behind a damp tree or bush. Unseen factors such as underground pipes or cables can also negatively affect radio signals.


To test the maximum separation, we suggest using two people; one with the phone while the other person positions the iHunt® speaker. Play one of the animal sounds as a test, and when the sound begins to break up, re-position the speaker by moving it up down, left, right or at a different angle until the sound quality improves. Similarly, changing the position of the phone – up, down, left, right or at a different angle can improve the sound quality. You may have to wait a few seconds after moving the speaker or phone for the radio link to fully adjust to the new position. This will give you a good idea of how to position the speaker when you are in the field.


Here are some hints that may improve the radio connection distance. For a given situation, some suggestions will not be possible and/or achieve an increase in performance.

Position your iHunt® speaker:

  1. Elevate the speaker off the ground by at least 2 feet, particularly if the ground or high grass is damp. Look for a fence post or small pile of wood or rocks as a place to set your iHunt® speaker.
  2. You may find that while trees often act to reduce the operational distance, hanging the speaker in the tree using the built-in hook or tying to a branch to elevate the speaker results in a total longer range.
  3. The batteries on the bottom of the speaker can act as a block to the radio signal. Position the speaker so the batteries are not directly pointed at the phone
  4. Always use fresh alkaline C cell batteries (not rechargeable, carbon zinc or heavy duty). If you have a battery tester, the voltage should be a minimum of 1.45 volts before starting. Batteries stored in the unit or in a drawer may lose battery voltage after even a few months.

Holding the phone:

  1. Elevate the speaker off the ground by at least 2 feet, particularly if the ground or high grass is damp. Look for a fence post or small pile of wood or rocks as a place to set your iHunt® speaker.
  2. Do not tightly wrap your hand around the phone but hold lightly with your thumb and one or two fingers. Your hand can act as a block from the radio signal going and coming from the phone
  3. Tip the phone at different angles to find the best position. Longer distances are often obtained by pointing the bottom of the phone directly at the speaker, the phone lying parallel to the ground.
  4. Hold the phone away from your body. The human body can act as an obstacle to radio waves and thus reduce the distance.
  5. Do not position yourself between the phone and the iHunt® speaker.


Remember different phones and tablets operate their internal radios and antennas differently, so it is best to experiment a little to see what position is best for your phone. You may find that one of these suggestions has a big effect, or perhaps several together add up to a longer total distance.