Our sounds can greatly increase the effectiveness of your game calling by consistently mimicking the moving vocals of live animal sounds. In addition, our hand-held electronic game calls lure game in close using either the caller’s built-in speakers or through added connecting external speakers. Also, these game calls are battery operated for easy use in the field. Furthermore, Cass Creek offers electronic game calls for a variety of game species, including many predators! All in all, we suggest you browse our huge selection that include deer calls, elk calls, moose calls, and turkey calls. With this in mind, we have electronic game calls to fit any requirement and any budget!


Want to take the power of Cass Creek Electronic Game Calls to your phone?


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Our features include…

  • Professional quality predator calls easy enough for anyone to master. For this reason, makes a beginner sound like a pro. 
  • Hundreds of Predator Calls. Including, powerful playlist feature.
  • Subscribe monthly for hunting season or all year round for one low fee. 
  • Additionally, figure out when to go hunting using our Solunar Table feature.
  • Attract “educated” game by never playing the same call sequence twice.  Likewise, an almost infinite number of calls can be created using this unique Playlist feature
  •  Plan your hunt using the Weather Forecaster. In other words, never get caught downwind with up to the minute wind direction.
  • Also, record the details of your hunt with our Log feature.


Requires a wi-fi connection to download!


Perfect when used with iHunt Bluetooth speakers! 😉


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